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Colorado State University Installs Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Thursday, July 30, 1998

FORT COLLINS--Colorado State University presents an outdoor sculpture exhibition as part of a new program that brings work from nationally known artists to campus.

Through the SculptureScape program, new art pieces will be installed across campus every two years. The installation of first exhibition has been completed today, and the five sculptures in the show will be displayed through July 30, 2000.

"The exhibition is designed to demonstrate the value fine arts can have in our daily lives," said Gary Voss, associate professor of art and director of SculptureScape. "The show is designed as a part of Colorado State's plan to make the university more pedestrian oriented. Students, faculty, staff and guests of the university will all be able to view these pieces as they walk across campus."

Voss said the exhibit serves an educational tool for the campus and the wider community. Art department faculty will be able to incorporate SculptureScape exhibits into courses. Brochures are available to the public at the art department.

The pieces in the show and their campus locations follow: "Break Back" by Willie Ray Parish of LaUnion, NM, is installed west of Natural Resources; "Madam Butterfly" by Malcolm Susman of Van Nuys, Calif., is installed on the north side of Morgan Library; "Bent Disc X-Negative" by Arlene Waxman of Santa Monica, Calif., is installed north of Education; "Centric Shear" by Rico Eastman of Sante Fe, NM, is installed on the Montford Quad; and "Serai", also by Eastman, is installed on the east side of the Lory Student Center.

The five sculptures were selected by a jury of faculty, administrators and students from Colorado State's art department and by administrators from the Lincoln Center and Loveland Museum. The pieces were chosen from more than 70 entries submitted to a competition open to artists across the Western United States. Before the show concludes, one of the artists will be invited to give a presentation on campus.

"It is our hope that this show can evolve into a larger display in the years ahead," said Voss. "As more exhibition sites become available, we may be able to open up the SculptureScape competition to artists from coast to coast."

For more information on the SculptureScape show, call the art department at (970) 491-6774.

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