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Plant Breeder To Head Colorado State's Soil And Crop Sciences

Monday, June 15, 1998

FORT COLLINS--Local resident James S. Quick will become head of the soil and crop sciences department in Colorado State University's College of Agricultural Sciences July 1.

Quick, a full professor who joined Colorado State in 1981, has served as acting department head for the past year. He has also taught and conducted research and extension at North Dakota State University in Fargo; the Wheat Research Institute in Queensland, Australia; and the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge, England; and has worked as a geneticist for the Rockefeller Foundation in Hyderabad, India and at the International Center for the Improvement of Wheat and Maize (CIMMYT) in Mexico.

A specialist in wheat, Quick has led the development of breeding improved strains of hard red winter wheat and durum wheat and has edited the Annual Wheat Newsletter from 1983 to 1994. He recently helped develop and release a wheat cultivar for the western Great Plains that is resistant to the Russian wheat aphid, an insect that caused $110 million in losses to Colorado wheat crops alone.

A member of the board of the Colorado Seed Growers Association for 15 years, Quick has taught extensively and has served as major advisor to 23 master's- and doctoral-level students at Colorado State. A member of Sigma Xi and other honorary and professional organizations, Quick has written or edited 12 books and magazines and numerous papers. He earned a bachelor of science in agronomy from North Dakota State in 1962 and master's (1965) and doctoral (1966) degrees in plant breeding and genetics from Purdue University.

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