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Colorado State University Hosts World History Conference

Monday, June 15, 1998

FORT COLLINS--Educators from around the globe will gather at Colorado State University for a conference on teaching world history June 18-20.

The conference, sponsored by the World History Association, will focus on techniques and content educators can use to teach world history in the 21st century. Participants will include 200 world history instructors and scholars from schools, colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe.

More than 40 sessions are scheduled on a broad range of topics. Highlights will include a workshop called "Teaching Gender and Third World Film" at 8 a.m. June 19 in Room A207 of the Clark Building. Other presentations also will focus on incorporating subjects that traditionally have received less attention in the teaching of world history. Topics will include teaching about Africa, Asia, military history, geography and religion.

Other sessions are designed to give participants insight into teaching techniques. A presentation called "Rockin' the Casbah: Using Music to Teach World History" is part of a session on using multi-media to teach world history. The session will run from 3:30-5 p.m. June 19 in Room A207 of the Clark Building. Other sessions will focus on using literature, film or art to teach world history.

Standards for teaching world history will also be explored at the conference. One panel discussion, called "What World History Should Teach: The Voice of the Business Community," will examine the knowledge students need as they begin work in various fields. The session will run from 3:30-5 p.m. June 19 in Room 214-216 of the Lory Student Center. A panel discussion on history standards in the nation's public schools will be held at 3:30 p.m. June 20 in Room 230 of the Lory Student Center.

The conference will include presentations by leading world history scholars, including keynote speakers Peter Stearns, dean at Carnegie Mellon University and chair of the Advanced Placement World History Task Force, and Jerry Bentley, professor at the University of Hawaii and editor of the Journal of World History. Stearns will discuss skills training and content in teaching world history, while Bentley will discuss frameworks for teaching world history. During another presentation, Alfred Crosby of the University of Texas at Austin will recognize Philip Curtin of Johns Hopkins University for his leadership in establishing the field of world history.

A two day post-conference session titled "Writing and Implementing a World History Course" will be offered June 20-21.

The World History Association held its first conference in 1982 at the United States Air Force Academy. The association now includes 10 regional affiliates and members from 40 countries worldwide.

Cost for the conference is $120 and space is still available. To register, call (970) 491-6222.

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