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University Of Southern Colorado Professor Recognized With 1998 Undergraduate Teaching Award By State Board Of Agriculture

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

FORT COLLINS--A professor from the Colorado State University System today received the 1998 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award from the State Board of Agriculture.

The award was presented to Bruce Lundberg, faculty member in the College of Science and Mathematics at the University of Southern Colorado-Pueblo.

Lundberg joined USC in 1993 as assistant professor of mathematics and has integrated his own consultation and research into the classroom in designing projects that cause students to think deeply and communicate about mathematics. Lundberg believes that students need to be familiar with the computational tools they may need after leaving USC and that the way to use those tools should be modeled in the curriculum.

A significant amount of Lundberg's professional development centers around teaching. He attends and gives presentations at meetings where curriculum issues are discussed, and he is committed to finding new ways of involving students in mathematics. He supervises students in senior research projects and consults informally and formally with many others.

Lundberg's dynamic, demanding and creative approach to teaching distinguishes him as an exceptionally effective and respected professor of mathematics.

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