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Lab At Colorado State University Installs Donated Engines Worth $600,000

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

FORT COLLINS--Three large industrial engines donated to Colorado State will be delivered to the university's engines and energy conversion laboratory April 24. Seventy-five Environmental Protection Agency administrators and rule-makers will view the newly installed engines and tour the lab April 28.

The lab, located in the old Fort Collins power plant at 430 North College Avenue, conducts research into reducing pollution from engines of all sizes. The three recently donated engines, gifts worth $600,000, will be installed in the lab by crane beginning at 8:30 a.m. April 24.

The engines were donated by Waukasha Engine Division, Caterpillar and Colorado Interstate Gas. Additional services were donated by Cooper Energy Services and Pamco/Stewart and Stevenson in Denver. The new addition to the lab will also be supported by Woodward Governor and numerous other Colorado based companies.

The lab will conduct a tour for 75 EPA administrators at 4:45 p.m. April 28. The visit stems from a new study the lab will conduct for the EPA. In this project, the lab will study methods of reducing hazardous air pollutants. The EPA hopes to learn how cooperative research facilities such as the engines and energy conservation lab can help meet air pollution challenges.

For more information, call lab director Bryan Willson in the engine lab at (970) 222-2418.

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