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Colorado State's Occupational Therapy Program Celebrates 50 Years

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

FORT COLLINS--Colorado State University's occupational therapy program marks the 50th anniversary of its first graduating class with a day-long celebration April 25.

The day will highlight the past, present and future of the university's occupational therapy program. Events will include six educational sessions taught by faculty members in the Occupational Therapy Building on campus from 9 a.m.-5:15 p.m. Topics will relate to occupational therapy and will include leadership, technology and undergraduate curriculum. Admission to the sessions is open to the public and costs $10.

Events will conclude with an evening reception and banquet in the Lory Student Center. The evening will include presentations by outstanding alumni and a retrospective on 50 years of occupational therapy at Colorado State.

Undergraduate education in occupational therapy was first offered in 1945 as a course of study in the general home economics department at Colorado State, which then was Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College. The program grew, and by 1963, occupational therapy was officially recognized as a department. The department continues to increase in popularity and now offers a master's degree program, which was ranked among the top in the nation by a U.S. News and World Report magazine survey early this year.

The occupational therapy program trains students to help those who face challenges achieving rehabilitation goals. Occupational therapists help people learn to better perform activities related to work, play and daily living.

For more information, call Wanda Mayberry at 491-4887.

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